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Jul 12, 2020 · 1 min read

For the past months, I used openring to generate the webring section you see on all the blog pages. I found myself checking my site’s blog section to see whether the blogs I added on openring had posted something new, so I had to setup a proper news aggregator.

I took another look at sfeed, which I used before. I previously had it setup with all the blog posts from the Free Writers Club, but I lost my configuration (or had misplaced it).

Now sfeed is configured on this website’s project and it is hosted on /sfeed.html, so not only I could view my feed on any device, but I could share it with friends.

A screenshot of the sfeed page

With Tridactyl, I could use vim-like shortcuts on Firefox when loading the page, so that is convenient.

You can also check the sfeedrc file.

This is my sixth post in the #100DaysToOffload challenge.

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Articles from blogs I follow around the net

You can also read my newsfeed.

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