site policy

This page contains the site's policy. Last updated 28th May 2018.


The site tries to collect as little information from you, hence the site does not use analytics, tracking, or advertisment scripts. When logging in with GitHub, the site only stores your public GitHub information.


There are externals links from my website. Since I do not have control over those website's content, I cannot be responsible for any loss or damages from visiting those links.


This site uses cookies to keep users logged in and to store preferences or settings. Cookies are not used for analytics or tracking on this site. Cloudflare stores a cookie to identify a trusted machines and it does not store personally identifiable information.


The site is constantly improving on making the website more accessible. The pages should work well with screen readers, as it tries to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelies (WCAG).

Third-party sites

This site will not load Twitter feed until clicked, which will load Twitter's script on demand. Twitter has it's own privacy policy. GitHub is used for authentication, they have their own privacy statement.

Data security

We try to limit the amount of data this site stores about you. The data are stored following proper security measures, but the data are not encrypted on the server. The site does not store the information of unauthenticated users.

GDPR Compliance

Since this is a personal website and is not operated in the EU, the website cannot truly be GDPR compliant. However, you will be provided a copy of data upon your request, and your data can be erased from the server if required. And we will not sign you up to any unsolicited emails nor we will share your data with a third-party.