My site is completely powered by the Go programming language and the Macaron framework, and uses GitHub authentication to allow easy logging in and the Bootstrap CSS toolkit.

Gopher Go

A Linux distribution made for developers with xfce and i3 sessions. Could be built with a bash script and an image of Xubuntu.

Sifr Studio

A self-hosted alternative to SuSE Studio but for Debian based system. This web application allows anyone to create a personalised Linux distribution right from their browser.

Gopher Go

A Raspberry Pi application which allows you to add 4D effects to a movie, which triggers GPIO pins for use with relay modules. So you can have a 4DX-like cinema at home.

Gopher Go

WhatsMorse is a web messaging application which translates all your messages to morse code.
This application is made in two hours as a part of the Stupid Hackathon by Transcend in Dubai (January 2018).

Gopher Go
G1M Decompiler

G1M Decompiler is a simple command-line tool which decodes Casio's .g1m files to readable Casio Basic code.

Gopher Go

CowChina is a card game logger which keeps track of the cards for the Arabic Spades variant called hokm or kotcheena.

Gopher Go