Humaid AlQassimi


Below is a list of my projects, most of which are released under an open-source license. Usage and installation instructions are included in each of the projects page.

Check out the contribution guide. Contribution is welcome and accepted. If you use any of my projects, I wish to hear what you think of it.

Command-line Tools

Cloudflare DDNS Client Go

A simple Cloudflare Dynamic DNS Client.

Fast-Forward with steps formatting C

A patch for FF v2.3 to allow steps to be formatted for humans.

godoc2markdown (v0.1) Go

A program which converts Go Doc output to Markdown.

hmsh (v0.2) Go

Humaid's un-POSIX-compliant shell.

yabfig (v0.3) Go

A simple BF interpreter, debugger and linter written in Go.

CowChina Go

CowChina is a logger for a variant of Spades called Hokm. It detects invalid moves (cheating) and winners.

G1M Decompiler Go

A simple Casio Basic decoder for '.g1m' files generated by Casio calculators.


Pew Pew Shooter: Return of the Pews (v0.2.1) Lua

A programming-themed space shooter game written in Lua with LÖVE framework.

Jukebox Hopper Mod Java

A simple Minecraft mod which allows you to use hoppers to insert records into jukeboxes.

Sponge Plugins Archive Java

Archive repository of my Sponge plugins.


Question (.NET) dotNET

A library of classes which allows you to create questions easily for Console Applications.

Mobile Applications


A tiny learning management system for Android.



A smart home system of the future (group project).

hstatus (v0.1) Rust

A dwm status monitor updater with multiple timezones and COVID19 stats.

bmo Robot Animations PHP

Robot's face animations for Interaction Design expo project.

sifrOS Bash

A secure and minimal Linux distribution.

Web Applications

Neat Note (v0.3.3) Go

A Lobsters-like web app for university students to post notes and question.

ShopSheet (v0.1) Go

An instant ecommerce website generator based on a spreadsheet file.

Learning Bot Go

A GitLab bot for providing programming advice based on code repair tools.

4DG Go

A 4D movie scripting program which runs on a Raspberry Pi using GPIO.

WhatsMorse Go

A morse code web messaging application written in a two-hour hackaton.