Humaid AlQassimi

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What is this?

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As a part of a two-semester long Software Engineering project at Heriot-Wat University, we (a group of six students) have been asked to create a fictitious software engineering company which is building a smart home system of the future to a client. During the 7 months we have built:

What tools were used?

The core parts of the project (such as the web application server and plugin API) is written in Go, but other languages have been used in different parts of the project, such as Java for the Minecraft plugin, LaTeX for collaborating on requirements specifications. Getting the e-ink display to work required us to modify the Waveshare driver so we can display the output upside-down, which was a bit tricky. The program to update the e-ink display was written in Python.

We even used tools such as Adobe XD for prototyping and usability testing, Tinkercad for creating the iglü case which was 3D printed (thanks to Edinburgh Hacklab). Other tools used were GIMP, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator, these were used in making graphics, banners, logos, promotional video and other forms of artwork. We are lucky to have a group with a diverse range of skills.

Our group

The group consists of:


The projects are still pending to be released under an open-source license.

The projects’ source code can be found on our GitHub organisation.