Humaid AlQassimi

University courses studied

Below is a list of all university courses I have taken so far, studying BSc Computer Science (F291-COS) at Heriot-Watt University.

Year/Sem Code Title Status
Y1A F27SA Software Development 1 Completed
Y1A F27IS Interactive Systems Completed
Y1A F17LP Logic and Proof Completed
Y1A F27PX Praxis Completed
Y1B F27SB Software Development 2 Completed
Y1B F27SG Software Development 3 Completed
Y1B F27WD Web Design and Databases Completed
Y1B F27CS Introduction to Computer Systems Completed
Y2A F28DA Data Structures and Algorithms Completed
Y2A F27IS Interaction Design Completed
Y2A F28PL Programming Languages Completed
Y2A F28WP Web Programming Completed
Y2B F17SC Discrete Mathematics Completed
Y2B F28DM Database Management Systems Completed
Y2B F28HS Hardware-Software Interface Completed
Y2B F28SD Software Design Completed
Y3A F29FA Foundations 1 Started
Y3A F29AI Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Agents Started
Y3A F29DC Data Communications and Networking Started
Y3A F29SO Software Engineering Started

Syllabuses: 17/18, 18/19, 19/20.